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Our Fragrances

The EXODUS OIL is available only upon request. 

It is called "Behind the Veil." Click here to read about it

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Anointing Oil Fragrances:

(See below for detailed descriptions.)

Alabaster Box - Spikenard/Nard

Almond Joy Unspeakable - Almond

Bride of Christ - Floral

Gifts of the Magi - Frankincense & Myrrh

His Majesty - Woodsy Amber

Holy Wind - Floral Grassy

Rose Oil - Roses

Song of Solomon - Pomegranate and Lily of the Valley

Unscented - Natural Olive Oil


Detailed descriptions:


Spikenard (Nard)

A pungent earthy fragrance, somewhat similar to Valerian root.  Some people really like this and some find it distasteful.  You may want to consider purchasing samples of this before investing a large amount of money on spikenard.

ALABASTER  BOX is for the true believer who likes to follow examples found in the Bible. When Mary broke the alabaster box and poured the oil on Jesus' feet then wiped them with her hair, this is the scent she was using - Spikenard. He who is forgiven much, loves much.

anointing oil



This smells similar to the original Jergen's hand lotion like grandma used to have, minus the cherry scent.

ALMOND JOY UNSPEAKABLE:  In Numbers 17:8 it is recorded that Aaron's staff budded, flowered, and then produced almonds! It must have brought him "joy unspeakable" (I Peter 1:8) to know that it was encased in the Ark of the Covenant. May His glory descend as you pray using this almond-scented oil and bring you joy unspeakable and full of glory!

anointing oil


Plumeria, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Vanilla, Hyacinth, Rose and Lavender, Sandalwood,

and Amber.

Like a spring bouquet.  Reminds me of

Resurrection Day.

BRIDE OF CHRIST is a luscious blend of florals like a bouquet.  Are you part of The Bride? Are you ready for Him to come get you?



Frankincense and Myrrh

Earthy (myrrh) with a twang (frankincense).

GIFTS OF THE MAGI: Though not present for His birth, as often portrayed, the Magi brought gifts to Jesus suited for a king (gold), a priest (frankincense) and for His death (myrrh). He gave us His all and we can do no less.



Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh, Petitgrain, Sage, Cedarwood,

Rosewood, and a hint of Sandalwood

A very masculine scent.  Some people who have smelled the presence of His Majesty Himself (Jesus) say He smells like this.  My husband and I have smelled this while prayer walking and at the altar when no bottles of oil were near us.

HIS  MAJESTY is the first in our line of anointing oils. It combines amber, frankincense, myrrh, petitgrain, sage, cedarwood, rosewood, and a hint of sandalwood. A majestic scent if ever there was one! Suitable for the King of Kings!


Vetiver, Oak Moss, Fresh Cut Grass, Baby's Breath  

This is a very outdoorsy sent, as if you were sitting at the edge of a woodland in a freshly mowed field of grass, with a delicate scent of flowers in the air.  

HOLY WIND is the result of prayer for a new fragrance for the suffering church in China.  The essential oils were shown to me by the Lord to use and I was afraid they would not smell good together, but guess what, our Creator knows what He is doing!  We request that if you use this fragrance to also be praying for the persecuted church there.



This smells like a heady garden tea rose.

ROSE OIL was made upon request and since so many like it so well we decided to add it to our selection.



Pomegranate, Lily of the Valley, and Myrrh

A refreshing fruity scent with a touch of floral.

SONG OF SOLOMON: This intriguing fragrance blends pomegranate, lily of the valley, and myrrh - all spoken of in the Song of Solomon. This fragrance may even be worn as perfume. May your passion for Him ignite.



100% Israeli Olive Oil

No fragrances are added.

UNSCENTED anointing oil for those who find fragrance too distracting or who have allergies to other fragrances of anointing oil.  Perfect for discreetly anointing a loved one's pillow, shoes, hat, jacket, car seat, fishing rod, favorite chair, etc.  ;)



Our Anointing Oil Base

    All our anointing oil is made with Halutza Premium Olive Oil imported from Israel, from olive trees growing in the Negev desert (Genesis 13:1, Genesis 24:62, et al).   Its fragrance is a bouquet of fruity, slightly grassy, and lightly floral scents making it a wonderful rich base for our varieties of anointing oils.

     We use essential oils and fragrant oils from around the globe - myrrh and frankincense from Egypt, rosewood from Brazil, petitgrain from Italy, spikenard (nard) from Nepal, cedarwood from Canada, etc. All are made with the highest quality control standards.

      Every bottle of anointing oil has been consecrated (at a Spirit-filled non-denominational church) unto the Lord Jesus Christ and is suitable for general anointing and anointing of the sick.

Lion of Judah Fine Anointing Oil

Israeli Holy Oil

Healing Wings - Healing Wings from Cathy Mart's "Plumage" CD.